Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Am I a secularist?

Hmmm...let me ponder. I have a big problem with religion, but not spirituality. I have a problem with theocracy, but not a belief in higher powers. See a theme?

When religion or beliefs begin to guide and form structures in the laws of a society, I have a problem. If the only true expression of Islam is a theocracy, then I believe such an expression is at fundamental odds with freedom. If my normal every day activities (a job, driving a car, wearing shorts in the summer) are an affront to Moslem sensibilities, then those sensibilities infringe on my rights if they are enforced - IN ANY MANNER - upon me. The very freedoms that helped Western nations prosper would be the most in danger by a theocracy of any persuasion.

A journalist from the UK interviewed a 20 yr old Moslem intent on becoming a suicide bomber. One of the most telling comments was the 20 yr olds belief that the United States and the other 'western' nations had brought 'modernity' to the Moslem world thereby polluting it. People, such a mindset CAN NOT be reasoned with...there is no common ground to start from.

Moslems that believe as that 20 yr old are worse than Luddites.

I have picked on Islam but the Jews in Israel, the Catholics in Italy and Ireland, and the Born-Agains here are the same type of people, the ONLY difference is the level of damage they are causing. -- PLEASE --- not ALL Jews, Catholics, born-agains and Moslems are prone to such fixations but to think Moslems are unique it to ignore much of the history of the last 100 years.

So....I am opposed to all religion as part of the government - any government (because countries run by theocracy must export their beliefs in order to justify them). However, the study of religion would cause most rational people to run fleeing from religion for their very lives.

Is it possible for a person that holds religious beliefs to be rational in a discussion of the merits of religion in education and government? I don't think so...but I could be wrong....anyone?


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