Thursday, May 26, 2005

I had a "Is this all there is? " moment

In reading the Science and Religion book, you know at some point they had to bring up the entire idea of an afterlife as just wishful thinking.

As opposed to religion as I am, and have been, I have been unwilling to let go of the idea of an afterlife and I wondered if I was being true to my own convictions. If there is an afterlife, why can't it be like Christian Heaven? Why can't it be like Islam's Paradise? Does MY particular version of an afterlife make my position any less coherent than another "religion" because, let's face it, my beliefs constitute a religion of one.

So, calling into question any concept of an afterlife, I considered that ....welll..... this is it....when I am done, I'm done. But! I had an "AH HA!" recovery.

You have heard of stories of people doing superhuman things when threatened. Where does that strength come from? No mere scientific analysis will be able to explain it. Is it possible that science can not explain everything? Well, yes, I have (as many others have) already conceded such. Isn't it possible that we are more than the sum of our parts? Is it possible that coherent energy could be intelligent life? We haven't even touched the surface of the universe to know what we don't know yet.

I am not ready to concede that Heaven exists, but I will concede that "versions" of an afterlife are possible BECAUSE I believe that we ARE the more than the sum of our parts and that science when faced with the unexplainable is often as quick to hide it's head in the sand as the religious are to proclaim Divine Intervention.


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