Friday, July 08, 2005

The Age of the Koran

In the name of God

A dangerous position. How many times must the world hear this? The Jews did it. The Christians did it. The Moslems are doing it. What you say? Mainstream Islam has nothing to do with the fanatics that are killing innocents you say? Maybe so. But what are you doing to stop it?

The secular community is getting tired of hearing that the fanatics are just that, they do not represent 'true' Islam. Oh? I see lots of marches throughout the Middle East in protest against the terrorists....I see lots of marches in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia condemning the violence..

No, what I hear is "Israel....."
What I hear is "Iraq....."

What I hear is excuses. If the Moslem community wants to have the advantages of democratic freedoms, they better start living up to the responsibilities of secular society.

Imans that stand in the safety of mosques and proclaim the dangers of the West SUPPORT TERRORISTS. And until that stops, people that seek freedom and democracy for all the peoples of the world will continue to wonder if Islam has reached a level a maturity that warrants inclusion in the secular world of adults.


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