Sunday, September 03, 2006

A call to serve

One of the lessons I learned many years ago while involved in a fundi church was that you could tell if someone was really called to serve in some capacity, it would not be a burden on them. Our church is involved in building a home with Habitat for Humanity and based on my previous experience with a hammer, I was asked to participate (back in the planning process) and I declined. Now, several months later, funds raised and work planning underway, I was again approached by the person leading our church's effort. I flat turned him down. He looked very disappointed but I learned my lesson years ago. I will not be burdened by a call meant for someone else.

Don't bother with the cheap shot that maybe I am just ignoring a call for my own selfish reasons. Remember, I don't believe in getting called in the first place.

On a slightly different topic. I had the thought that Christ did not create division within the Jewish community. This ties in with the thought that speaking out or staking out a position that causes division is not of god. The sword of the Word does not cleave a man into good parts and bad parts. It marks one side for what it is. Christ called the evil, evil. He called the good, good. The division already existed, many people just didn't want to acknowledge it. A similar problem exists today. Bush is calling evil, evil. His words do not make something or someone evil. His words do not create divisions. He simply acknowledges the division that is already there.