Friday, March 31, 2006


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Last night I marveled at the number of people that defend the indefensible.

On the radio, someone was talking about amnesty and registering illegals and all I could think of is gun control. If only the good people registered their guns, all the criminals would still be out there with guns. If all the good illegal (oxymoron?) aliens register, what will we do with all the bad illegal aliens? The marches going on against immigration reform - would anyone else find a march by looters demanding the abolishment of theft laws absurd? Illegal immigrants are proven law breakers. I would like to say that anyone arrested and brought before a judge for breaking a law "with good reason" will still have to pay a penalty but...

A version of Jessica's Law was passed in Ohio over strong opposition. I know the argument - mandatory sentencing takes the justice out of the system. In many places I agree with that, however, as long as judges continue to consider predators of children to have a momentary lapse in judgment, I want to prevent such lapses from happening on the bench.

NAMBLA. Is there any reason this organization exists? Why hasn't the population of this country risen up and lynched every single one of the members? I generally am against vigilatism, but please, someone...anyone?

Here in Madison on April 4th, a measure is on the ballot calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. There are signs all over this town calling on voters to say yes. I wanted to buy a dozen cans of yellow spray paint and paint yellow stripes on every sign I could find - two problems, one, someone is going to remember a woman buying a dozen cans of yellow spray paint when the news reports the 'vandalism' and two, it would take more than 100 cans to get all the signs...

Jill Carroll was released and proclaimed that her captors 'treated her well'. Being kidnapped, having your translator killed in front of you, being forced to plead for your life on video and being held for 3 months against your will IS NOT BEING TREATED WELL.

Islam is NOT a civilized religion. Some, maybe a majority, of Moslems are civilized. But any government or religion that seeks to kill someone for changing their religion IS NOT CIVILIZED.

As a mob, and this country is no better than a mob at this time, we have lost the capacity to recognize evil. Even the concept of evil is mocked or dismissed.

Looters are excused because they only wanted food and water.
Illegal immigrants are excused because they only want jobs.
Kidnappers are excused because 'we' invaded their country.
Child rapists are excused because they need treatment.
Murderers are excused because 'we' supported Israel.
Religions are excused because 'we' lack sensitivity.
Countries are excused because they are 'democratic'.

Evil does not start as a full blown country spanning movement, it starts small, day by day eroding our will to address it. I am not religious but if you can not see the evil growing in this country, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

** By the way, if your first thought was of a political party or politician, you are clueless ***

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Acceptance of Evil

When I was a Christian, I spent a lot of time studying Revelation and reading a great deal about various interpretations of prophecy. So, despite my current beliefs, I was very interested in the Left Behind series and we purchased each book as it was published. The story pretty much brushes by the one thing I think most people wonder about when studying Revelation: how do so many people all but ignore two issues: first, millions of Christians disappearing in the Rapture; second, evil is apparent but most people embrace it anyway.

First, the majority of Christians either do not know, or believe in the Rapture so that is an issue primarily among fundamentalists. But the second is important. It would appear that people willingly set aside their own morality and accept an evil premise to base their faith on. As a rational person, I could never see how that could be reconciled with what I know of the people in my life.

However. The last three years have taught me that very good people could easily, with almost no effort whatsoever, set aside all pretense at morality and Christian faith and embrace evil as good.

Hostages 'released' in Iraq

Three Christian activists were rescued from captivity today. Their friend and co-activist from the US was found tortured and murdered last month. The organization they belonged to issued a press release that 1) called the rescue, a 'release'; 2) blamed the US and coalition partners for creating the environment which necessitated their kidnapping; and 3) called the murderers of their co-activist and friend, people of great faith.

Folks. Evil is when someone is kidnapped (you know, taken at gunpoint against your will), tortured and murdered. To consider such people as would do so, people of great faith, is to accept evil as a viable and acceptable variation of faith so much so as to call into question what real difference there is in following Jesus or Satan...

To these people, CPT and their many friends and political supporters on the Left, George Bush is evil and THEREFORE, everyone opposed to him is GOOD. Such moral depravity surely proceeds the End Times.