Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Intelligent design = creationism.

I was born of my parents, they of theirs, and theirs of theirs and so forth and so on until:

Intelligent design/creationism - Adam and Eve

Evolution - further and further back in time, lower and lower on the hierarchy of life.

Intelligent design/creationism claims that humans erupted out of the soil fully formed and operational. No trial and error. Why?

A piece in on ID had just a moment of clarity for me...motivation. What was the motivation of the designer? This recalls my own disgust at people that wander around their lives asking "why I am here?". You are here because your parents had sex. Whether their goal was a child or not, ask them, they and only they have that answer. For me, it is enough that they had a child, me. My purpose in life is just that MINE. It is not theirs, though they certainly had hopes for me.

For those supporting ID/Creationism, our purpose, his/her motivation was to have 'partners'? Soul mates? Worshippers?

Would not a child be offended to learn that the goal of the parents was to have a servant, an honored one, but no less a servant? Of their own free will?

And what of Cro-magnan, or Neanderthal? What was their purpose? Were they descendants of Adam and Eve? Or were they evolutions attempt at mimicking God's humanity.

Three questions:
1. What will be the impact of contact with another lifeform from another planet?
2. Why with all the interest in afterlife contact has none of them suggested that religion was right or wrong?
3. Is the fear of death the result of cultural bias or is it inherent? (From an intellectual point of view rather than a survival instinct issue).


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