Sunday, November 20, 2005

Survival of the fittest

Today the teaching was about culling. Christ would separate the goats from the sheep. And as I listened something occurred to me. Those that want evolution to go away, to be replaced by either creationism or intelligent design, really have a problem with survival of the fittest. The idea that the weak and less capable will not survive, SHOULDN'T survive just cuts across every fiber of a Christian's grain. could a just God have created such a system?

I am quietly becoming less tolerant of a religious perspective: A large group in our church is upset about Wal-Mart, ignoring the benefits that the company offers to communities (jobs, taxes, lower prices). A very well respected doctor in the congregation truly believes George Bush lied, ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. Can people with such a distorted view of the real world actually be trusted to have a valid opinion on important matters? Am I being way too harsh?


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